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Showing posts from June, 2011

Chicago in 35mm!

Chicago was a weird time as we'd done a week already and think we were starting to burn out a little bit from all the boozing, and I was skint! We did meet some lovely people from Aberdeen and we did go to one of the coolest bars in the World! Read more about it here!

Toronto in 35mm!

Toronto was definately the place I felt happiest while on the road last year. I think the friendlyness of the people we met really helped, we were welcomed with such warmth and lots of alcohol! You can read what I wrote at the time here! Looking back I think PBR's, Babes, Tattoos, Outdoor Swimming Pools & Riots! What more could you want?

New York City in 35mm!

Finally getting round to putting up some photo's from our massive road trip from last year, I've broken it down into parts so here's the first 4 days that we spent in New York. You can read about what we got up to here, here & here! I'm having a good laugh just reading back on what we did, I'm glad I kept a wee blog of everything and all the little magical moments that have been lost over the last year!