Top 20 Arms by Callum Kellie & Sarah J Stanley!

Top 20 Arms is the newest show at the Project Slogan art & zine cafe. The opening night was held on Friday night and promised old school arcade action! It features a series of paintings of futuristic cube guns by Sarah J Stanley and a video loop and old skool arcade machine style instalation by Callum Kellie. The arcade game involves roaming around a desolate landscape littered with tanks, but as you get up close to the tanks information appears about different countries and how much they spend on arms, leading to the top 20 arms. It took me a while but I finally found the no 1 arms! I didnt win any prizes except the admiration of my peers!

The show runs for a month so why not pop down and have a go yourself and pick up a coffee and a sandwich while your at it!

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