Let It Bleed Presents Pete Tong @ The Forum!

Here's a few snaps from Let It Bleed Present Pete Tong. Let It Bleed have been very good in taking me on board to produce original visuals for their nights so firstly massive thanks to them! Pete Tong played some heavy dance music, not really my cup of joe but I found some guilty pleasure in the super Radio 1 Dance hits, you know the ones with generic female vocals, banging! Continuing from my pic with Jas Shaw, I decided if the lads let me get a pic I was going to do it while wearing my new Spongebob Jumper. Well lo and behold said photo awaits your eyes below.

But I think its fair to say it was a belter of night, the crowd was well up for it and everyone seemed to be having fun. Also the Let It Bleed crew always put a lot of effort into their events so gotta show some love for them! As they say, onto the next one!

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