Les Savy Fav @ The Tunnels!

I was originally only going to this gig to see and photograph my friends Battery Face but only saw half their set, which was fucking ace but felt like a dick taking out my camera and edging to the front so pretty much failed on that mission. The next support band were making me feel a bit queasy but luckily Al convinced me to stay for Les Savy Fav.

Well I'm pretty glad I did as it has to be one of the best gig's I've ever experienced in the Tunnels. I had no idea what to expect and was pretty much blown away. Musically they were awesome but visually they were amazingly weird. Costumes, hats, beers, into the crowd, out the fire exit, through the back door, up on the railing, through the back, beer crates on head and generally fucking insane but all backed up by good tunes! Certainly gonna take a lot to top that! I did get the long lens out as I was at the very back and didn't feel so intimidated taking pics but to see some better pics check out the WLD WLVS blog HERE!

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