Cellar Sessions # 3 & 4!

The Cellar Sessions kicked off again over the past two weekends, session # 3 featured guest dj Giles Walker. Giles is the kinda go to guy for djing in Aberdeen and has hosted some pretty big event's of his own, recently bringing Jamie XX & James Blake to our fair city! Always ahead of the game but never afraid to drop a few classics Giles tunes made for the perfect night!

Session # 4 was hosted by DO IT!s DJ White Chocolate with selected guest Conan. The two played off each other and seemed to enjoy a pretty chilled night of music for all. Hopefully the sessiosn will lead to more people getting involved and helping make more interesting nights happen in Aberdeen instead of the usual bland shit & hopefuly show what a great wee venue Cellar 35 is, a little diamond in the not so rough Rosemount!

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