All Work & Some Play!

Its was a busy weekend for Peacock Visual Arts with not one but two new shows opening. In the main gallery you can see North West by Katri Walker. A nice installation and short film exploring Scotland's connection to the wild west and the visual culture surrounding it. There's a very nice installation piece along the centre of the space with changing back drops which will instantly transport you to the land of cowboys & indians! The opening also featured some real Scottish cowboys who put on a real show for everyone which ended in a shoot out! Just another day at the office for some!

Through in the main building you can see WORK, the BA Hons Printmaking students pre degree show show! I knew quite a few of the artists exhibiting in the show but was still blown away by the quality of the work, I usually find these kind of shows a bit underwhelming but I was really impressed by the breadth and depth of the work. Its nice to know that there will be some good work at the main degree show which kicks off in June but check out the pre show for a taster of what some of Scotland's hottest new contemporary artists are up to, in the here and now before they get swallowed up in Glasgow or London!

Photos by Marta Kielczyk & Roos Marie Dijkhuizen

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