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2 + 4 Exhibition!

2 + 4 was a wee pop up exhibition which took place at the Transition Extreme Boardeline on Saturday night. The show consisted of illustrations & photographs of famous Aberdeen Skate Spots by Mike Hughes and Richie Mac.
If you ever skated in Aberdeen then the images would probably have resonated quite deeply with you, seeing Broad Street, Aberdeen's mecca for a skate brings back good memories of wearing 36" waist jeans and my brothers hand me down size 11 Adidas Gazelles, but that didn't really matter to anyone as you were all there for the same reason.
Anyway the photos were nice enough but it was Mikes illustration which really stood out for me. You can see more of the lads work by clicking on their names and I believe there's going to be prints for sale, think I'm going to treat my self to a Kemnay print, why not eh.

Adidas & Dan Wolfe!

I wasn't too sure about all the big shoe brands suddenly weaseling their way into Skateboarding but like most things time would tell if it was just another gimmick for them to sell shoes or if they really were trying to support the scene. Adidas seem to be doing a pretty good job and have been teaming up with video man Dan Wolfe to produce a series of videos from cities across the globe being ripped up by some of the biggest names in Skateboarding. Anyway here's a nice effort for the Skate & Create shiz and check out Dans other videos HERE!

MOGWAI @ The HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh!

Felt pretty good knowing that after a busy weekend doing visuals I could kick back and enjoy a megabus ride down to Edinburgh to see Mogwai! Having already seen them a few weeks before I wasnt expecting it to be much different but it was like seeing a different band. Although that might be because we were in the 2nd row in the middle and not at the back of the Music Hall!

The sound was phenomenal, even when The Twilight Sad were on, who more than made up for their last performance in Aberdeen, this time they really went for it! But there was no doubt about who everyone had come to see and Mogwai didn't dissapoint! The first suprise of the night was meeting Stuart Braithwaite next door in the pub next to the venue, he kindly posed for a photo with Stu and I really wanted to say something about how much their music has inspired me but figured it was nicer to leave him alone to enjoy his pint! The second suprise was live visuals to accompany some of the songs, mostly if not all for t…

All Work & No Play.......Ok Thats A Lie!

Had a pretty major weekend with providing visuals for Let It Bleed and their 2 Many Djs booking, a pretty big deal for the club scene and Aberdeen party people! Having seen their live visuals from last year I kinda knew my old laptop and Premire Elements 2.0 wouldnt be able to compete but I think they digged the set up and the style! Anyway until proper photo's and videos go up here's a quick pic of where I spend most of my time before these gigs! Note Disco Ken doll, poundland transformer in packaging, Vice mag titty pic, external dvd burner, diy Klaus munny & silver tape! All essential items of inspiration!

Knitting Like There's No Tomorrow!

I believe the last 2 pics say all there is to say about how AWESOME knitting is at Project Slogan!

Cellar Sessions # 1!

DJ Kid Bell kicked off the new fortnightly sessions at Cellar 35 on Friday past with his ecclectic mix! I set up some video loops to help add to the atmosphere but it was the record selector who made the night! You can read a quick interview with Bell here and find out more about where hes coming from and where he might be going! Also download his latest mix for DO IT! here! next up are Acid Thunder djs bringing the party to Cellar 35 on Sunday for a pre 2 Many Djs party, expect lots of cool cats and mad tunes!n Oh and of course some mellow back gorund visuals by UBER AV!

Efterklang & Vincent Moon "An Island" Premiere @ 26 Collective Studios!

Last night saw the official launch of the Straydog room in the 26 Studios. To kick of the programme they let me screen the new Efterklang & Vincent Moon film, An Island! The band wanted to release the film to a wide audience and offered to let people host their own screenings as long as 5 or more people could attend. We got the projector up, seats in and held two seperate screenings. The later screening was well attended and I think everyone really enjoyed the film! All creit to Craig & Jim for getting their room knocked into shape and hopefully this will be the first of many film nights. Special thanks to Efterklang & Vincent for allowing us to show their film. 

Cellar Sessions!

Cellar 35 have teamed up with Alex from DO IT! to bring you some of the best local djs but in a much loved but overlooked venue! The plan is to have free entry nights every Friday with different djs taking control of the music to bring a good mix of styles and music. Me & Ben will be on hand to add some low key visual support but the rest is up to the people who want to have a good party, that'd be you! I guess the aim is something like Bar 99's before it went all crap and full of knobs so if you want a nice mellow Friday in a cool bar then Cellar 35 is the place to go! The first session kicks off tonight with DO IT! resident and Good Foot djs Kid Bell & Martin Borland! Expect some spaced out vibes and some cool mixes!

DO IT! ft Studio CEE & Inko!

DO IT! kicked off the new year with a double whamy event with live beats from Studio Cee, the usual mixture of dj styles from Uraki Riddim, Kid Bell & White Chocolate and guest dj set from INKO! A good crew of friends came and showed support which is always much appreciated so massive thanks to everyone!