Exhibitions & Openings!

Its been a good few days for exhibitions in Aberdeen, starting on Thursday with Nothing to See Hear by 3rd year PeM (Photography & Electronic Media) students curating a group show at the old Pier shop on Belmont street. They had two massive floors filled with projections, photogrpahs, tv's and mini installations. My favourite piece was a weird hand bird film made by Marianne Wislon who is currently temping at the Project Slogan gallery. Marianne is a film maker, visual artist, dj and vj!

Friday saw the joing opening of Alicia Bruce's Menie: A Portrait of a North-East Coastal Community in Conflict! Alicia has been taking photographs as long as I've known her. Her new work centers on the controversial site of Donald Trump's gold course / resort. I'm sure most locals have read the press and see the programmes on tv so this is a well timed look at the people involved in a different light. This exhibition recreates some famous paintings with the subjects being replaced my Menie residents! Its on show now in the main gallery at Peacock Visual Arts!

Annita Stewart also had her Mounthooly opening on the same night in the smaller space at Peacocks. Her exhibition was based around her Mounthooly project which happened in May last year where she held a variety of musical / spoken word / shadow puppet performances on the wonderfull Mounthooly roundabout! The opening involved musical / spoken word / shadow puppet performances from all her friends who helped out on the roundabout and delicious home bakes from Anna Trist. You can see photo's, videos and Annita's original Mounthooly cart which she dragged from a friends house to Mounthooly! On show now at Peacocks!

Finally on Saturday Stuart Allan had his first show of 2011! Under the Hammer is undoubtedly my favourite pub in Aberdeen but at times the art has been, well shit! The last exhibition being a classic example but I don't want to get into negatives so Stuarts work is bloody amazing. Whether paintings or sketches you can see Stuart's incredible style and skill in all his work. He likes paintings to look like paintings and its evident in his work. You can see an amazing portrait of me in the show along with some newer sketches and other paintings so pop on down tit pub fort piant!

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