Candy for the Eyes & Ears 10! Fesit!

I've been a big fan of Feist's music ever since hearing about her on one of the Special 10 dvd's. I got an email telling me about a new documentarty about the making and touring of her second album, The Reminder. The thing that really drew me in was seeing her entire process from creating the album art work, recording the songs and then trying to translate it into a live show which took her round the world! There's some really beautiful moments in the film, seeing her collaboration with Clea Minaker who helped to produce background visuals for the shows via shadow puppetry is pretty amazing!

The dvd also comes with a bonus cd of live recordings from the tour and some reworked piano versions of her biggest songs, 1234, Honey Honey, Intuition & The Water. Its amazing how they've stripped the songs right down to their basic melody and yet you can still tell what they are. This set is definately a treat for the eyes and for the ears and comes packed full of bonus features on the dvd so Look At What The Light Did Now!

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