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Let It Bleed x MoC x The 2 Bears Visuals!

These videos are live recordings from The 2 Bears dj set in Aberdeen. We were asked by Let It Bleed to make some original visuals and to set up some screens for the night and this is the results. I've previously posted photos from the night HERE but this is a chance to see what me & Ben (Uber AV) are doing when were hiding up on stage.

We both had a great time making the visuals and found a real nice common space while working together on the night. The guys played an interesting set as well which helps keep us interested as the music feeds the visuals that we make so if the music is boring then we get bored! Anyway this seems like a nice way so finish off what has been an amazing year for us and were both pretty stoked on continuing our visual mission into 2011! Massive thanks to Scott for getting us involved and to Raf for letting us upload the videos!

The Two Bears Uber Mix Part 1 (Live Visuals) from Über AV on Vimeo.

The Two Bears Uber Mix Part 2 (Live Visuals) from Über AV

Candy for the Eyes & Ears 10! Fesit!

I've been a big fan of Feist's music ever since hearing about her on one of the Special 10 dvd's. I got an email telling me about a new documentarty about the making and touring of her second album, The Reminder. The thing that really drew me in was seeing her entire process from creating the album art work, recording the songs and then trying to translate it into a live show which took her round the world! There's some really beautiful moments in the film, seeing her collaboration with Clea Minaker who helped to produce background visuals for the shows via shadow puppetry is pretty amazing!

The dvd also comes with a bonus cd of live recordings from the tour and some reworked piano versions of her biggest songs, 1234, Honey Honey, Intuition & The Water. Its amazing how they've stripped the songs right down to their basic melody and yet you can still tell what they are. This set is definately a treat for the eyes and for the ears and comes packed full of bonus fe…

Merry Christmas xXx

Zombie Nation (Live) @ Origin!

Everything Else Sucks asked for a hand setting up some visuals for the Zombie Nation VJ last weekend. It was pretty cool speaking to Bulent and finding out about what hes using for his visuals etc.urns out he also runs a small gallery in Munich called Kullukcu. Bulent told me that his video banks are triggered via Zombie Nation's laptop, creating a bit of a sync between the two. His live set up was pretty cool with lots of cool gadgets and samplers, makes for an interesting show! You can see some snaps from the night below and a short video at the very bottom! Great to see these kind of musicians coming to Aberdeen, nice one Patty!

Fake Blood Video Entrance @ Snafu!

Mo from Snafu had a few ideas about brightening up the up stairs entrance so I set up some visuals with a projector. Orignally the visuals were for Fake Blood but all BA flights to Scotland got cancelled due to the weather, luckily I had some back up visuals I'd made earlier in the day! It was pretty cool playing with angles and projecting onto / off of a giant glitter ball. I'm hoping to get a big visual set up going before the Big Foots New Year's Party and for the rescheduled Fake Blood night!

DO IT! 2nd Birthday Special x Offshore & Ikonika @ Origin!

So DO IT! has just turned 2! Two years of parties, djs, visuals and good people, all spread between Aberdeen & Oslo! We wanted to do something special to mark 2 years of events and booked our good friend Offshore along with Hyperdub star Ikonika!
The night was split into two halfs, the first seeing us return to Cellar 35 for a more spaced out disco vibe like when we first started, tiny venue, lots of friends and an amazing vibe. I decided to make a special Christmas tree out of tvs and spent a few hours figuring out the logistics and making up some dvds, I was pretty pleased with it!
The second half took us all to Origin, Aberdeen's place to be for anything dub! Offshore got the home crowd dancing before Ikonika brought her unique and highly regarded djs skills to the table. Playing an amazing mix of electronic music she kept the dance floor going and brought an ecclectic mix. It was great to celebrate with such a big event but I'm really looking forward to doing more cella…