When Worlds Collide!

It doesnt happen often but sometimes you get an advert that just works, the video, the music, the product everything. I don't really care for Miller Genuine Draft but apart from that, this advert has it all! mixing reverse or clean graffiti with one of my favourite Bon Iver tracks was always going to be a winner. The track is called "Babys" and is taken from the Blood Bank ep.

I first read about reverse graffiti a few years ago in a Carhartt magazine, some Spanish dudes I think had the bright idea of cleaning the black dirt off a motorway tunnel to make a mural, the end result looking quite amazing. I don't know if that was the first of its kind but there's been hundreds since then. I think it goes to show the creativity that comes from the streets whether it be through graff, murals, skating, music & parties, all underground (and some of those which have gained mainstream acceptance) cultures help to breed fresh thinking. To see  more check out the vids below, the second video is about an artist who goes under the name "MOOSE"!

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