Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Alternative A4 Art Show @ The Athenaeum - Part 1!

I was pretty overwhelmed by the response to the call for artists to submit work for the A4 show. It's the first time I've curated an exhibition and I was delighted to have such a mixed bag of work. Unfortunately due to time and other factors I wasn't able to include all of the work that was sent in unframed as I was still arranging and hanging work up until the first peeps walked in the door! But the fact I managed to get work from nearly 30 different artists, some from Canada, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen mean ill take a pat on the back, and I hung all the work on my own!

If you didn't make the opening, don't live in Aberdeen or don't really care then here's a peek at some of what you missed. Ill be adding more work once I get a chance to pop down again and photograph it, check names & links under each picture and enjoy! Also massive thanks to Claire and the staff at the Athenaeum for their help and for the free wine they dished out for the opening, nice to see the art community get pissed up! More pics coming soon!!!

Stuart Allan, Siobhan Ogg, Caroline Halliwell
Rhino & Bird
Bird, Bear, Bird, Bear, I see a theme to this wall!
Happy Forrest by Jon Reid (MoC)
Under a blue moon!
Jody Curtis, Mari James, Jon Reid, Sharon Graham
Rob Ewanchuck (Canada!)
Cameron Fraser
Mike Hughes
Georgina Barney
Fiona Mclean
Carolyn Edmondson, Joe Hearty
Stewart Ross
George McKnight
George McKnight
Viatcheslav Gnatetski (Slav)
Jim Ewen
Louise Mackay
Louise Mackay