Saturday, 18 September 2010

Space Vibes x Animal Collective!

At the last DO IT! night I wanted to have a spacey theme with the visuals and began searching the internet for images and clips I could use. I knew Lamplighter was a massive Star Wars fans as am I so for his set I mixed a special Star Wars visual set which looked pretty cool. I've also taken a real liking to tye dye stuff, t shirts especially. There seems to be a lot of it going around right now, its an in thing but I don't really buy into trends too much, I'm nearly 30 and will dress how I dress based on what I'm into, slightly baggy jeans for skating, graphic tees from Carhartt, trainers by VANS etc etc but space & tye dye stuff is definately inspiring my brain right now as far as colours and imagery go.

I thought I'd post up this video for "My Girls" by Animal Collective. Its a great track but the video totally nails the kind of thing's I want to make and get into as far as videos are concerned. Just need to get into the studio and get that green screen set up and start doing it.