September in the Studio!

I'm going to try and do a monthly up date about our wee 26 Collective Studios. The original idea was to do video up dates but I dont have the time blah blah but I figured it would still be good to let people know or at least see how the space is being used and by whom! I would also like to highlight projects and exhibitions that were are organising, involved with or hosting.

So I have the first room as you go into the studios, its the old vocal booth that was flooded out, derelict and full of crap. Its now a fully functioning room which seems to be shifting around all the time. At the moment I'm trying to experiment with spray paint, stencils, woodcuts & felt tip pens and have been working & drawing inspiration from song title's like "Friend of the night" by Mogwai (see felt tip drawing) and "Umburella" by D'ntel. I also have the visual mixer set up for recording live visual mixes onto DVD for when I can't be on hand to help out at Let It Bleed gigs. At the moment I'm co ordinating a group show at the Atheneum under the title Aberdeen Alternative A4 Exhibition (details HERE!), working on visuals for The 2 Bears dj set at the Forum on Saturday and visuals for the Rumour Cocktail bar for Friday & Saturday night.

Amy is the newest recruit in the studios having taken over from Fraser Denholm as hes off to make it in Glasgow, best of luck duder! She's a recent graduate from the Art School and does sculptural work and has a nice fresh space for making a nice big mess! Really looking forward to seeing some of her new work once she gets settled into the studios, she's also the first lady in the studios, hopefuly soon to be joined by Louise Emslie once she returns from Iceland! They have a kettle & a stereo, what more do you need?

Jim as always has been busy beavering away through in the big band room. He's been cutting & pasting, painting & shredding, drumming & bumming? Well maybe not the bumming but as always Jim is trooping on and working out ideas for a future solo exhibition of some sort and is concentrating on his own work for a while instead of trying to help everyone else, good for him! Really enjoy popping down and having chats with Jim, even though some days we only sit and moan about stuff he always gives me a boost when I see him and is an inspiration to work with! Also finally after 9 months of humming and hawing we have a fully working PA System complete with 8 channel mixer! The next party is going to be LOUD!

Craig is currently organising some massive art things realting to his work for the National Theatre of Scotland. With the title "Extreme" Craig has been drafted in to work with a range of people with-in the local community to bring together all the different elements (skateboarding, dancing, performance, street art, public sculpture, video projections) to create 3 art works / performances, culminating in a massive final show at the end. He's doing this as well as working on his own paintings & sculptures! Craig is a massive inspiration when it comes to sucking it up and getting it done! He also has an amazing David Shrigley drawing, signed to him on his wall! There will be more info coming about Craig's big projects as they develop over the next 6 months!

Stewart has been floating around and working a lot so haven't had much chance to catch up with him. Hes excited about the A4 Exhibition and is also leading the way with plans for the next Studio Party set to take place on Friday 1st October. So far we have dj's, live music performances, short films, visuals & you get to hang out with us, all for £3! Bring your own artists too!

Kieran has been M.I.A. as far as I know, havent seen him for a while but his room is looking well busy! Another recent graduate along with Stewart, his work is on the sculpture side mostly but is always looking into new process and ways of expressing his ideas. He agree's with me about this art malarky being a big journey and the more tools & skills you can use the more fun it is!

Finally its back to MoC Hq where I recently sprayed up my door in a bid to make it more interesting. Also it was a nice big surface to spray onto. Trying to tap into these space vibes and experimenting with colours, I love having a studio!

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