Rumour Pop Up Cocktail Bar!

For a number of weeks there's been word about a new pop up cocktail bar in Aberdeen, called Rumour! A clever play on words and a great concept but what the hell is it? Well its the brain child of Gomez, former Snafu / Conveyor belt Sushi manager. The concept is incredibaly simple though, here it is in their own words!

"Hand-crafted artisan cocktails & fine drinks, dj's/producers and clubnights, limited-run exclusively-commissioned print series, hotel lobby partying, good people, good times..."

Sounds pretty good to me! I didn't find out where it was being held until the launch night, even though my flat mate is doing all the design work for it along with Mike Chang! Every Friday & Saturday for the next? They've done 2 of 8 already so for the next 6 weekends the crew will be taking over the lobby bar in the Carmelite Hotel, only one of the swishest hotels in the Merchant Quarter!

They've done the Soda Pop bar, the Paris bar and now its onto the Japanese Bar! The theme is different each week as are the cocktails so head down before the 8 weeks are done! Its like Pokemon but with booze, "gotta try them all", the Paris Corpse Reviver (Gin, Absinthe, Cava & Lemon Peel in a goblet big enough for 6) has already ruined any chances of me wanting to drink again but the night is young!

For more info & pics check the facebook page HERE!

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