Colouring the Void! Richard Coleman, Fusshop & Stanley Donwood!

Been getting really into geometrical shapes, straight lines and lots of bright colour. So my eyes nearly melted when I saw the Richard Coleman interview in Juxtapoz! He's pretty much making some of the coolest pictures I've seen. And you can see a nice evolution in his work so check out his web site.

Next up is Eelus, street artist, graff dude who again has some pretty cool pictures and ideas. I stumbled across this print on the Fusshop site. I liked this print, especially the geometric rainbow dress. Another little bit of inspiration for a gray Aberdeen lad.

And finally some Stanley Donwood. If you don't know Donwood's work then just look at any of the Radiohead covers, hes pretty much the man behind them all! Along with Dr Tchok (Thom Yorke!) Donwood's work has always been spot on whether it was the cover for Ok Computer or In Rainbows he always seemed to nail the vibe of each record but also his personal work has a resonance with wider social issues that few artists can compete with. There's a really great interview with him on the Juxtapoz blog HERE!

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