Amber Wilson, Esperi & Noiserv @ The Tunnels!

Had a suprisingly good night yesterday after a long day at work. I wasn't going to go out but some friends got the better of me and we found ourselves in the Tunnels. 

First up was a young chap called Craig Davidson, not Craig David as some had thought, no "I met the girl on Monday" etc etc. Didnt really pay any attention to him anyway as we got deep into a new concept, WAR KITE! Its kind of like the Ewok glider in Star Wars & Dino Riders!

Next up was Amber Wilson with Nassem. Amber was most beautafull as always but seemed to have a new found confidence, perhaps because of the amazing musician she has backing her up or perhaps shes just growing to accept how good she is! Either way she played a great set. It seemed like the night finished with a double headline slot from Noiserv & Esperi. The two had distinc similarities in that they use sampler's to record instruments and then build up epic one man band style sound which even 4 piece groups would struggle to match in both skill and style. 

Hailing all the way from Portugal, Noiserv has a melancholic voice which perfectly suited his music but never felt drab or boring. He had some lovely cds & records for sale so definately check out his myspace and get something nice. This is the second time I've seen Esperi and he is quite something live. They were both taking it turn about to play some songs but Esperi's first song seemed to cover all the ground of a Mum album, in the space of 20 minutes and it was all played by one person! It was great seeing two musicians from different places and different countries who found this amazing common ground through how they like to perform their music.

A special highlight though for me was the Esperi visuals provided by vj Retchy. Projecting onto a set of 3 triangle rainbow flags, it looked awesome! It set off some major blood in my brain and got me thinking about plans for the future. Check out his web site by clikcing on his name above, it will lead you down a rabbit hole to videos and photos and other goodies. Really hoping I can get a chance to work with him in the future as he's doing some amazing work with live projections & animations!

RetchyvEsperi@Doghouse from RetchyvSmash on Vimeo.