Aberdeen Alternative A4 Exhibition!

Ok so the guys at Snafu / Atheneum have asked me if I'd like to organise an art show in their bar. The answer is YES!

The basic idea is to get as many A4 pictures together as possible from all across the art scene in Aberdeen. There's thousands of creatives working away in their little bubbles throughout the city so this your chance to be part of what I'm hoping will be the start of something big for the local art scene. Here's some specs for the show.

The submission dead line is Friday 1st October. You can try and submit work after that date but it won't be guaranteed to be included but we will use it for future shows. All work should be framed up in old granny style gold frames, available from any good charity shop for 50p! Painting's dont need to be framed but must be tidy around the edges if possible. You can either contact me or ill try and arrange drop off points around the city, namely Snafu / Atheneum at the end of Union Street, E.A.R.L.s on the Green & 26 Collective Studios on Exchange Lane but you'll need to arrange with me for dropping off work there!

Feel free to submit 3 or even 4 pieces as we might have two joint shows running at the same time in 2 or even 3 venues with Atheneum being the main focal point!

Size wise A4 is best, that keeps everyone's work the same and will also make it easier for hanging hopefuly. We will take smaller works, we will take A3 but will have to see how it looks when hung etc, basically no guarantee it will be included this time! But again will defo be used for a future show!

Type of images? Drawings, Felt Tip Pictures, Digital Prints, Photoshop / Freehand work, Technical drawings, Poster Designs, Gig posters, Photography, Video still's, Paintings, Etching's, Screen prints, Words, Images, Collage, Bovril stained treasure maps from when you were 5! Basically all media and mediums are accepted apart from big 3D pieces which might stick out and cause a hazard but why not pop them in anyway, you've got nothing to lose! In fact I just had an idea for a 3D piece!

If you are abroad and have work you can email for printing then I'd like to help as much as I can but again no promises.

The opening is to be held on Saturday 9th October in the Atheneum with some nibbles and refreshments being supplied by Atehneum! Affa nice of them.

This is a chance to really see who's out there and for you to show off what you do as a creative or at least an aspect of what you do and it doesn't matter if you have an art degree or if you just doodle in you bed room, this is a totally open brief with a short deadline but hey, you've got two weeks from now! Don't give me any excuses, your either in or your out, we won't hold it against you but you really should try and get something in!

Please link this to as many people as you can who live, work or create with in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire! Hell well even accept work from further afield if it comes, were not being eletist!

For any queries you can contact me at moodofcollapse@gmail.com ! This show is being organised by myself & the 26 Collective which I am part of.

Thanks so much for your help! :)

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