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SHAPE: The Art from Skateboarding!

Those lovely chaps at Kaplank Kapow are organising a rather cool exhibition of customised skate decks! The idea is to take an old skateboard, draw a new shape and cut it out and smooth it off! You need to leave the original bolt holes so people can tell it was once a rollerboard but other wise anything goes! Check out the details on their blog HERE!
Here's a few examples I've found to get folks started!

September in the Studio!

I'm going to try and do a monthly up date about our wee 26 Collective Studios. The original idea was to do video up dates but I dont have the time blah blah but I figured it would still be good to let people know or at least see how the space is being used and by whom! I would also like to highlight projects and exhibitions that were are organising, involved with or hosting.

So I have the first room as you go into the studios, its the old vocal booth that was flooded out, derelict and full of crap. Its now a fully functioning room which seems to be shifting around all the time. At the moment I'm trying to experiment with spray paint, stencils, woodcuts & felt tip pens and have been working & drawing inspiration from song title's like "Friend of the night" by Mogwai (see felt tip drawing) and "Umburella" by D'ntel. I also have the visual mixer set up for recording live visual mixes onto DVD for when I can't be on hand to help out at Let I…

Rumour Pop Up Cocktail Bar!

For a number of weeks there's been word about a new pop up cocktail bar in Aberdeen, called Rumour! A clever play on words and a great concept but what the hell is it? Well its the brain child of Gomez, former Snafu / Conveyor belt Sushi manager. The concept is incredibaly simple though, here it is in their own words!
"Hand-crafted artisan cocktails & fine drinks, dj's/producers and clubnights, limited-run exclusively-commissioned print series, hotel lobby partying, good people, good times..."
Sounds pretty good to me! I didn't find out where it was being held until the launch night, even though my flat mate is doing all the design work for it along with Mike Chang! Every Friday & Saturday for the next? They've done 2 of 8 already so for the next 6 weekends the crew will be taking over the lobby bar in the Carmelite Hotel, only one of the swishest hotels in the Merchant Quarter!
They've done the Soda Pop bar, the Paris bar and now its onto the Japane…

Vote for Siobomb!

Siobomb, the first lady of DO IT! is a busy bumble indeed. As well as doing posters for Origin, the design for Rumour Cocktail bar, which is different every week as well as working on clients & personal work, shes some how managed to find the time to enter a design for a t-shirt competition. But she needs your help! She needs to get as many votes as possible and hopefuly she can win this one. I'm not just putting this up because shes my flat mate and she does the DO IT! posters, I think you'll find this is a super cool design and yes, I would like a free t-shirt if she wins! You can vote HERE! All you need to do is sign up, go onto Sio's design page and click VOTE! You can see all the designs HERE, there's some really nice stuff!

Space Vibes x Animal Collective!

At the last DO IT! night I wanted to have a spacey theme with the visuals and began searching the internet for images and clips I could use.I knew Lamplighter was a massive Star Wars fans as am I so for his set I mixed a special Star Wars visual set which looked pretty cool. I've also taken a real liking to tye dye stuff, t shirts especially. There seems to be a lot of it going around right now, its an in thing but I don't really buy into trends too much, I'm nearly 30 and will dress how I dress based on what I'm into, slightly baggy jeans for skating, graphic tees from Carhartt, trainers by VANS etc etc but space & tye dye stuff is definately inspiring my brain right now as far as colours and imagery go.

I thought I'd post up this video for "My Girls" by Animal Collective. Its a great track but the video totally nails the kind of thing's I want to make and get into as far as videos are concerned. Just need to get into the studio and get that green…

Aberdeen Alternative A4 Exhibition!

Ok so the guys at Snafu / Atheneum have asked me if I'd like to organise an art show in their bar. The answer is YES!

The basic idea is to get as many A4 pictures together as possible from all across the art scene in Aberdeen. There's thousands of creatives working away in their little bubbles throughout the city so this your chance to be part of what I'm hoping will be the start of something big for the local art scene. Here's some specs for the show.

The submission dead line is Friday 1st October. You can try and submit work after that date but it won't be guaranteed to be included but we will use it for future shows. All work should be framed up in old granny style gold frames, available from any good charity shop for 50p! Painting's dont need to be framed but must be tidy around the edges if possible. You can either contact me or ill try and arrange drop off points around the city, namely Snafu / Atheneum at the end of Union Street, E.A.R.L.s on the Green &am…

Colouring the Void! Richard Coleman, Fusshop & Stanley Donwood!

Been getting really into geometrical shapes, straight lines and lots of bright colour. So my eyes nearly melted when I saw the Richard Coleman interview in Juxtapoz! He's pretty much making some of the coolest pictures I've seen. And you can see a nice evolution in his work so check out his web site.

Next up is Eelus, street artist, graff dude who again has some pretty cool pictures and ideas. I stumbled across this print on the Fusshop site. I liked this print, especially the geometric rainbow dress. Another little bit of inspiration for a gray Aberdeen lad.

And finally some Stanley Donwood. If you don't know Donwood's work then just look at any of the Radiohead covers, hes pretty much the man behind them all! Along with Dr Tchok (Thom Yorke!) Donwood's work has always been spot on whether it was the cover for Ok Computer or In Rainbows he always seemed to nail the vibe of each record but also his personal work has a resonance with wider social issues that few artis…