Letter from New York City # 1

Thought since were in hipster central NYC it might be worth keeping track of what were doing and what we've seen so far.

After a rough 7 hour flight we finally set down in New York's JFK airport. I wasn't looking forward to going through customs but the guards barely even looked at me, too busy talking about baseball. Once we picked up our bags we jumped a yellow cab and made our way into the city. I was kinda hoping for a deep voiced cabbie who would drive like a demon and call everyone "hey ya fricking blow job" but it wasnt to be. Our hostel for the first night was a little dive in Manhattan called the Royal. The room was cool and the sheets were fresh but the windows were screwed shut?

Went for an amazing breakfast, the Lumberjack Pancakes (Bacon, two eggs, sausage, 3 pancakes & maple syrup), that set us up nicely for a day of walking around, stressing about accommodation but finally got into a beautiful apartment that belongs to a friend right on Lexington Avenue. Central park is a pretty nice place, lots of people running and cycling around. I kept thinking of a film scene where someone is jogging on the spot next to the lake but I cant remember what it is. I did see a beautiful butterfly that kept flying along then gliding before flapping abit more then gliding! We had an amazing dance in our pants to some Jimi Hendrix vinyl, living a 60 freak scene in a modern day world!

After a munch we headed down to find 1st on 1st, the new hipster hang out but went a bit too far and ended up looking at the statue of liberty for a bit then going past ground zero. That was pretty heavy to imagine what it must have been like to be around since it had a big effect on me sitting in the wild boar watching it on the news on the other side of the world.

We finally made it to hipsterville and went to a wee bar called DBa, it was pretty hip and had some nice beers, although I didnt know what any of them were so I just had a Corona. The whisky selection included Aberlour & Laphroig to name a few. After finishing the drinks we'd waited ages to get we went to a nice wee place called Anyways. Really small with a live band playing and gin behind the bar, what more could a Scot ask for! The band were playing a great mix of pop classics, Cuban hits, latino cuts and some nice Beatles / Britney Spears medlies.

After a quick chat with the bands drummer, Oscar, I was soon looking a photos of his art work and discussing state of the nation issues about immigration & welfare states, pretty mental being a white working class guy from Scotland speaking to a bohemian, Chilean immigrant living in NYC! But the conversations flowed, they even bought us a round of Tequilas and played a selection of Buena Vista Social Club hits for us. Pretty much the perfect first night in NYC. You can check out Oscars flickr HERE!

Been another great day today walking around times square, looking at the Chrsyler Building & Empire State Building made from LEGO in Toys 'R' Us! We watched an amazing ping pong match in a park between a big black man who moved with style and grace, against an older white gent who played with his own paddle, a block of wood! We bought some fake ray ban styles glasses and spent a good few hours walking around. Now its time for a beer on the roof garden then perhaps off to Greenwich village to find some jazz. Long boarding around central park and the Natural History museum tomorrow? Too much choice!

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