Letter from NYC & Toronto # 3

Made an early start today and headed down town with no real plan of action. I found myself walking towards the East River where I sat and had a bagel, the biggest bagel I've ever seen. Watched a helicopter land and take off. Popped some Mogwai on the iPod and made my way across the island to the West side, all the way to the next river. Its a pretty epic walk but was worth it.

I found my way to Greenwich village after seeing the other river, I was only a block away. I spotted an Alexander McQueen shop so had a scan in the window, when I looked up and started walking I saw someone who looked really familiar, it wasnt until she was going into her apartment block I realised it was one of the hottest people on the planet, Maggie Gyllenhaal from Donnie Darko etc. I was pretty amazed, guess thats normal for a city like New York to see famous actors strolling around the village. Not even ten minutes later walking up a side street I saw an man in his mid 50's with a Fender t shirt and a cool hat on, again I though I recognise that guy, I'm pretty sure it was Dustin Hoffman! Getting some bread and an ice tea I'm guessing.

After spending another hour walking around I finally started to make my way towards the tube, I walked about 10 blocks in the wrong direction and kept having to come back to where I started. It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't totally exhausted and my iPod hadn't died. the Twilight Sad were making for the perfect soundtrack for trekking around NYC! After a quick stop at the apartment I jumped on the longboard and skated down 5th Avenue to meet Andre and some of his Aberdeen crew who are all interning for Marc Jacobs! They all discovered the lonbord is a cruel and unforgiving master but if you treat it right it can bring you untold pleasure. Liam got really excited photographing a bum racking through rubbish.

We left the gang an went to Wendy's for a baconator. I went for a single but Limes went all out with a triple baconator! He was tripping after two bites and couldnt finish it.Apparently they arent allowed to do them in the UK because theyre so unhealthy! After we recovered it was on the tube one last time to get our shit together and then hit Penn station to catch a Mgabus. Not before being hussled by a couple of black kids who handed us cds of their banging hip hop, then asked for money. I kept telling Lime to move but he got into chatting with them and then ended up paying them twice for the cds which are probably blank, one guy wasnt happy when I gave him a fist full of change but we finally got away from them without being stabbed! Kits father was home and we had some good banter with him and got some updates in how hes getting on. The hospitality that he showed us was amazing and we owe him a great debt that we can hopefuly repay sometime soon.

After a wild cab ride and 20 minutes fucking around we finally found the bit of pavement where the megabus stops. They couldn't have had a smaller sign if they tried and the station people were useless! We hoped being the US of A they'd have some amazing Megabus with massive seats and a sweet ride. No, its exactly the same bus as we get in the UK, even down to the pattern on the seats. I almost hought it looked smaller! Suffice to say the 10 hour bus ride to Toronoto wasnt so fun.

But one day in Toronto has out done everything else so far. Staying in ana amazing house in Chinatown with a bunch of beautiful alcoholics. After some quick hi's we headed down to the park for some out door drinking and laughs, met a nice bum called God who collects cans. They can be taken to shops and exchanghed for $'s, pretty good deal if your a hobo or Nickson! After some beers we had some more beers on the roof terrace overlooking the CNN Tower, as the light faded the cities skyline just got better and better. Boosted up to a bar for some foosball action and some pitchers before running wild in the streets and pool hopping. I managed to rip a new arsehole in my jeans and nearly broke myself in the pool but it was well worth it! Babes, tattoos and titties!

After the pool died we went to get some food and a new friend had joined our crew, the only problem was no one knew him, or was really taking him on in conversation. He kinda put me on edge so I finally told him to leave. Everyone seemed to go a bit quiet and made me feel kinda bad but then they burst out laughing and hailed me for making the food times less akward. Made me feel better anyway. Luckily I brought my camera so will be adding some pics real soon since Liam's SD card has already fucked up once and we lost all his NYC pics apart from the hobos! Sad times.

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