Shadow Puppet Show at Mounthooly!

Next on the Mounthooly adventure, the Shadow Show went off without a hitch! The sun was setting, the music was sorted and the crew were ready to rock those puppets. 
Annita kicked things off with a smaller pupper show about the eruption and disruption of the Icelandic volcano. Miniature planes flew over the volcano as plumes of ash flew out in big puffy bursts, sending the planes in to chaos. Duncan Hart was on hand to provide some interesting sounds via his cello!
The main event has created by none other than Stuart Simpson! "Aneath" is based around some old fishing folklore and tells the tale of a couple who have ran out of food so the husband sets out to sea to catch some fishies. Unfortunately the sea can be a cruel master and his wee boat gets capsized. Sadly he doesnt make it back to his poor wife, not in his own body anyway as the lore tells that men who perish at sea return as seagulls! This got a few laughs as Aberdeen is plagued by the shit hawks, little did we realise who they are! 
All the puppeteers did an incredible job, Neets, Emma, Gilla & Siobhan as well as all the people who helped set up the screens! I had some cameras set up so there will be a video going up of the Shadow Shows real soon as well as a full exhibition of photos etc from all the events at Peacock Visuals Arts in December. the next event is the Acoustic Adventures on Saturday at Mounthooly, see more details HERE!

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