Secret (Not so Secret) Dweller / Katerwaul Gig @ Project Slogan!

A secret gig but I don't think it was much of a secret. Twol very highly regarded Aberdonian bands, Dweller were up first with their thrashy, high low mix of emo hardcore? I don't really know why you need to pigeonhole bands or come up with some kind of witty statement to describe them but these boys like to speed it up and slow it down akin to Sonic Youth or even Slint but with some intense vocals. Whether on the main stage or in your front room I think these boys will give you the same show, 100% in your face! And Tom's guitar antics gave me a good laugh, I didn't realise the wee man could rock out like that!

Katerwaul were the main act of the night, getting some last minute practice in before their big support slot with The Unwinding Hours! I'd seen Tim's old band a few time's but this was my first Katerwaul experience. I felt really bad because Tim's mac had been stolen with his visuals on it, but luckily I had a dvd player with me & he had a dvd for me to play. Except the dvd player didn't work! But after running home and getting a new one we managed to shed some light on the procedings.

Starting with some harmonising and chanting the guys quickly showed everyone why their one of the best band's on the scene at the moment, ripping into aggresive post rock jams but always managing to pull it back just in time. Their pedal boards were a sight to behold on their own! The drummer managed to find that balance between the light and the heavy that seems to elude so many and kept the pace as it should be. Tim's vocal range is also quite impressive aswell, even if he does look like hes about to burst a blood vessel (sorry Tim). They Katerwaul lads are definately worth seeing live but have also got a full album "Here There Is No Why" which features some beautiful artwork by Tim!

Combined with the stunning visuals it kinda showed what you can do with a little effort and some good last minute organising! With such a small space they managed to cram in a good crowd and I was pretty chuffed to be one of those people who nearly got a bass in the face


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