Recoat Gallery & Stuart's Studio, Glasgow!

Feeling this massive pull to Glasgow right now, especially after the council have just voted in favour of Ian Wood's City Square Project. Last time I was in Glasgow I came across the Recoat Gallery, probably one of the best modern galleries in Scotland, if not the UK! Showing works from a more contemporary background, they've held shows with big names in the graff scene such as Elph & Derm, they even have their lane painted by She One with his distinctive marks adorning the walls.

The gallery owners were friendly with Stu and kindly invited us in for a scan at their latest show, Sleight Of Hand featuring works from Mr Jago, Phil Ashcroft, Vinnie Nylon, Mike Inglis, Microbo, Addfueltothefire, Angelique Houtkamp, Mike Egan & Jacob Smith! All the works looked amazing sitting on the floor and the photos on their blog go some way to showing what an amazing gallery they run. And they had a pretty cool toilet aswell!

Yeah so this guys a bit of a beast! This is the newest wood cut print from Stuart Simpson aka Fledgeling! Stuart tooks us for a wee look around his studio in Glasgow, complete with tomato plants and test prints. Just check out the carve marks, the grain on the final print looks amazing! Stuarts work is amazing and you should buy something from his site now. You can see the fully framed dino print at EARL's on the Green right now!

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