Mounthooly Finale - Acoustic Adventures!

Saturday saw the final event as part of Annita Jean Stewarts "Mounthooly" Project. Running for the whole month of May, Neets managed to create discourse with her open air talks event, wonder at the beautifully animated shadow shows and finally delight at the acoustic adventures with some of the North East's top musicians!

First up was a rather rabbleus bunch of noise makers who created some primal beats using plastic pipes, utilising the Mounthooly tunnels natural acoustics to full effect. With no real set of tunes it was more an exercise in bringing people together and finding harmony which I guess perfectly reflects what Neets has been trying to do with the whole project.

The first band to play were Kilmory Day Trip, hailing from these parts the guys have been making music for a while now and describe themselves as "Just your typical mod-fi liberal indie outfit". Not going to argue with that but that doesn't mean they weren't fantastic! I didn't want to lose out on the last of the evening sun so I sat outside but from what I could hear drifting out the tunnel, these guys are damm good! Mixing Freightend Rabbit styles with their own sound made for a nice start to the evening, also covers of Listomania by Phoneix and Blood Bank by Bon Iver might have helped, two of my favourite tracks from the last year no less.

Finishing off the adventures we had the "ethereal lungs" of Amber Wilson. I think I have seen Amber play live 5 or 6 times in the last two months but every time she never fails to amaze. Combining delicate acoustic guitar with one of the best voices in Scotland makes for quite a memorable meeting, add to that the incredible / ridiculous setting of a tunnel under Europes largest roundabout and you have something worth writing about!

Its a shame that the project has come to an end but I think Neets should be ever so proud of herself and also all the people who helped her with the events. She's managed to take one of Aberdeen's most over looked and under used spaces and made it somewhere magical, somewhere that things happen, a space to create, enjoy & meet like minded folks. Although this marks the end for this particular part of the project but there will be a full exhibition of all the videos, photos, art work and anything else that was captured over the month in Peacock Visuals Arts who helped make the project happen.

Here's a lovely video from Fraser Denholm who has been on hand to help Neets document her time on the roundabout.

Anita Stewart - Mounthooly from Fraser Denholm on Vimeo.

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