Discovering Spaces & Layers in Glasgow!

Last time I was down in Glasgow I took a few snaps walking around the Byers Road / Kelvingrove area. I was amazed by how much art I saw and how many interesting spaces there are. You have the Kelvingrove skate park, covered in tags and graffiti and just up the road you have the Museum, a building of beauty and authority. Two opposite ends of the same scale, both places where people come together in a shared appreciation whether it be the cataloguing of history or the radness of skating.

The whole lay out of Kelvingrove is a juxtaposition of urban streets and forrest walkways with the canal running right through the middle. You see concrete spaces mixing with green spaces but in the most perfect of harmonies. To think that Aberdeen's business leaders want to rip out Union Terrace gardens, the only city centre green space to make way for a concrete super structure just seems utterly ridiculous.

I love walking around the canal and seeing the over grown bushes merging with the pathways, old walls made new with spraypaint, rusting metal and dirty concrete, peeling paper, mossy stones and red brick work. Glasgow isn't afraid to let its history show, it displays it with pride and adds a sense of dignity to the spaces.

Byers Road seem's to be the hip place for shopping away from the city centre with its mixed assortment of bars & cafes, charity shops and boutiques. A quick walk along one lane led to a whole load of interesting shops, second hand antique places selling old star wars toys, a row of toilet sized spaces each selling kitsch items such as Frank & Pat Butcher cupboard scenters. Its nice to see and discover new places and its nice to know when Aberdeen finally wears me down I can go down the road and start again!

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