Pandemic Travels from 2021 Part 2!

The Twilight Sad & Debutant / Conquering Animal Sound Single Release Party!

When Stu phoned me to say The Twilight Sad were going to be playing Aberdeen again I was pretty chuffed, they've become one of my favourite bands and their music has been present in some of my most cherished memories from the last two years.

I remeber standing in One Up Records looking at all the new releases and seeing the Twilight Sads debut and live album on the shelf, I'd been looking at the cover for ages but never had the money to buy it and then Moose steps in. decides they look interesting and buys them both on the spot. All it took was the first lines of Cold Days From The Birdhouse and we were hooked.

A few days later we decided to head up to Elgin to see our friend Jen and again Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters become a main part of our travelling tunes. It fitted perfectly with the snowy landscape as we whizzed up the road in Mooses trusty VW. Standing up in Findhorn in -7, the forzen river, the tiny pub, the Carisbroke quiz.

Finally a few days later as we all gathered in my old flat to see in 2009, Mooses camera set up in the corner with the remote on, every time someone tried to snap themselves it wouldnt work but Moose was watching near buy, ready to suprise folk as they stared into the abyss of his camera lens. The Twilight Sad became our soundtrack for at least an hour as Liam refused to let anyone near the stereo and all request were met with the same song on repeat, over and over and over.

So finally getting to see them live a year on to the day from when Moose and 15 other men lost their lives in the chopper crash was going to be tough. Over the last year I've found an incredible amount of strength in listening to Forget The Night Ahead & Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters, its been the perfect soundtrack through the sad quiet moments and also for the great moments. The Birthday Present, Seven Years of Letters, And She Would Darken The Memory all songs that have become part of my history with and with out Moose.

From the first song to the last I stood enthralled in the music, the wall of noise I'd heard about was pretty powerfull and there was no way of getting away from it and neither did I want to. Every strum, every drum beat, every bass line, every feedback loop fitted with the picture I had of The Twilight Sad live. They prefectly create the sounds of their albums but also give a real raw performance. Despite the sadness of the day I was truelly blown away by The Twilight Sad, the only thing that was missing was Moose with & G&T and his earplugs.
All photos courtesy of Neil Henderson!

Amazingly there was good reason to stay out after The Twilight Sad, The Dirty Hearts Club had some very special guests up from Edinburgh. Unfortunately the need to get pissed with good friends made me forget about times and we missed Conquering Animal Sound, check out their myspace but we were just in time to see Debutant, a former Aberdeen loon who's relocated to Edinburgh.

Following on from the wall of sound from earlier in the night, Debutant some how managed to hold his own on his own with a club full of people who would rather chat than listen to the sublime sounds emminating from one man and his guitar. Using a loop pedal to sample himself, Debutant builds up his songs slowly and melodically before adding his vocals over the top. I wish i'd discovered Debutant sooner and also that they'd put his volume up to 11 to drown out the sound of all the folk in Snafu.
Never mind, the whole reason for the gig was to launch a split 7" between Debutant & Conquering Animal Sound which is available from Gerry Loves Records now!

Debutant photo by Neil Henderson again!
A sad day of mixed feeling and emotions combined with an evening of amazing live music and good friends, I hope where ever Moose is hes able to enjoy all the shit were getting up to, he might not be here in person but he with me alway's in my heart and I miss him. x

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