The Kiosque & Fine Lines Exhibition

I have finally written a short piece for The Kiosque site about some of the creative stuff thats currwntly on display in Aberdoom but also about a new exhibition thats opening on Friday!I

I don't really like reading that much on the internet and try and make this blog more image based showing places I've been and art I've seen as apposed to writing a load of words about it. Plus not everything I go to is that great, there is a lot of shit but I don't want to add to the negative waves by writing about it in a derogative way so ill happily keep schtum!
But if there's a heap of good thing's going on (and there usually is) then ill be doing my best to keep track of it and let folks know through here & also through some more indepth writing on the kiosque site, and John's a good lad so why not help him out eh.
Well as I mentioned the "Fine Lines" show opens on Friday at Junction Arts & Gifts. You can read about it HERE! And below you can see an example of Stuart Simpsons work so make sure and pop along to the opening for a glass of wine and a chin wag with some of the Deens top folk!

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