All the Trees of the Field will Clap their Hands!

Its been a year since losing James, a lot of thing's have changed and a lot of things haven't. It breaks my heart to think of all the great thing's weve managed to do in the last year, seeing new places, meeting new people, falling in love, being heartbroken, dancing to Bruce, seeing our favourite bands all knowing that some one is missing and won't be coming back.

I don't think words will really bring that much comfort but I think as shit as I might feel as long as I'm here to feel shit then I'm doing ok and as long as I'm here I wan't to make the most of everything I have and make the most of the amazing friends I have who make life so amazing.

I only had a year with Moose but we became such good friends after no time and quickly started doing everything together. I'd just like to share a few thing's which make me think of Moose and all the good times we had. Moose set a benchmark of what a true friend is and showed all of us how to be a gentleman and an amazing person. 

I miss James. xXx

The Twilight Sad: "And She Would Darken The Memory" from Bluestar Animation on Vimeo.

"I'm armed with the past and the will and a brick!" x

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