Yarnbombing - Girl Guide Style!

As I gallantly made my way down Union Street I started to notice these strange little blue tags attached to bus shelters and anything they could hang from. After seeing a few I decided to have a proper look and found out that tags were put up by the fiercest band of dames in town, The Girl Guides

Do it in style they knitted these amazing little scarves and tied them onto the Albert Statue and all the wee Lion dogs that line up along Union Bridge but by the time I got a photo all but one had been removed! The ones higher up on the statues lasted a bit longer but the heavy weather will have no doubt ended their run!

It was pretty funny taking a few snaps as other folk walked past, some stopping to look at what I was photographing, that baffled look on their faces "Fits he dein?". If only they'd stopped for ten seconds and had a look they could have found out what it was all about but sadly most folks don't like things out of the ordinary, change is a sign of danger, "Fits at little things on I dogs min" I heard one man say, non plussed by my answer of "they've been put up to celebrate 100 years of Girl Guides", even when I told him he could win a prize if he took a card he still looked dumbfounded.

But at least it made me smile and helped fight off those Monday blues. You can find out more info about Yarnbombing HERE!

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