Silver Mount Zion @ The Art School, Glasgow!

After a wonderfull trip down to Glasgow on the megabus (only an extra 3o minutes in road works) I made my way to Buchanon street to meet the wonderfull Mr Simpson. After getting a munch we headed up to the Glasgow School of Art for the Silver Mt Zion gig.

I havent heard the newest album, Kollaps Tradixionales but based on previous records and also main man Efrim being in God Speed You Black Emperor I expect it to be pretty good, although anyone expecting God Speed apocalytic dirges might feel a little cheated. Thats not to say that Silver Mt Zion dont totally kill it, they know who to rock and they know how to construct music that brings you down to uncomfortable places and in the blink of an eye brings you back up in one joyous song! The noise they create from the simple elements of drums, guitar, double bass & violin is truelly stunning.

You can check out some of their videos below, one being a live video for "God Bless Our Dead Marines" which was definately a highlight of their set!

Another smasher from A Silver Mt Zion!

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