Place Observed in Solitude @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Frances Walker is a Scottish artists who is well know and well respected. I've only really heard of her recently with her joint exhibitions at Aberdeen Art Gallery & Peacock Visuals Arts. On a sunny day off I strolled into the art gallery for a scan about and went up stairs to check out the 'Place Observed in Solitude' exhibition and can hand on heart say I was blown away.
In a good way of course. Massive canvases cover the first room, depicting epic antarctic scenes with icebergs and snow capped hills, deep blue shimmering sea and skies that stretch as far as your imagination. Being a fan of Heima and all things Icelandic I was unsuprised to find out Frances spends a bit of time on the island as well as in her cottage in the Scottish hebridie island of Tiree.
Its really nice to see some contemporary painting of this scale and of such great subject. Initially I'd have said I don't care much for landscape paintings but Frances paintings really draw you in, they have that effect "Wow thats a great photo" and then you get up close and see the rough marks made with her brushes. Work which engages you without requiring intelectual wanking. Even her print work thats on display has a quality I've rarely seen, one forrest scene in particular stood out for its bold black lines and subtle details, like the reflections on the water pool.
If you'd like hear more about Frances Walker then I suggest you check out her VIMEO PAGE, she's into her 80's but still as up to date as ever. Check out 'Place Observed in Solitude' now at Aberdeen Art Gallery!

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