DO IT! Part A & Part B!

So the first DO IT in Aberdeen of 2010 was a night of many firsts! First DO IT in The Tunnels, first skuffle at a DO IT (walking round with your hand down your pants is never a good look!), he has played with us before but as guest, were chuffed to add Dj Kid Bell as our second resident spinner and hope he enjoyed his first DO IT, first time Neil Henderson has taken snaps for us, first time I've pre recorded visuals and not had to run around like a headless chicken (But I did anyway), first time people have turned up with face paints (I wish!), first time weve given all our proceeds to Charity, first launch of the Aberdeen Sketch Book project by wee Gav Stewart and the first time we've had two VJ's on stage at the same time with individual projectors going.

Im not going to massage my own ego by saying how amazing it was because thats down to everyone, we put a lot of effort into our visuals both in print and in projection, the selection of music might be all over the place but its all good music for good times, a good venue with a good vibe and finally and most importantly people who are willing to come down and get into the spirit of things! So thanks to everyone who makes DO IT so much fun to organise and be part of.

All photos by Neil Henderson
Some inspiration for next time, "Camel Walk Suckas!"