Some Short Shorts! Im Here & Guilty Pleasures!

Next up is the new short film from Spike Jonze. I saw the trailer for it on tv but I thought it was advertising Absolut vodka? Turns out it kinda is. But that doesnt really factor too much into the film. Its called IM HERE and you can watch it online and get more info HERE!
Anyone who likes Spike's work will dig it, its a love story that takes a slightly different route as the two leads are actually robot's. In some parallel universe robots have become intergrated with human society and can do all the things we can, hold down steady employment mainly. They don't seem to have the other things which make life fun like music and doing stupid stuff just because you can. But then I guess there's people in real life who live like that.
But things change for the dashing lead robot when a fembot takes a liking too him and he decides to see what happens. I won't ruin the film but its pretty good. I like Jonze's style of film making whether its for music vidoes for proper films. I think the best thing I got for IM HERE is how much emotion you can translate through a mouth. All the characters have a small slit for a mouth which has been animated but it gives them a sense of realness, a humaness thats quite beautiful. It might not be life changing but why not give 30 minutes of your time and go watch it, I think after losing some close friends its nice to be able to say IM HERE!

My mate Cam asked for some help a while back in making a promo for E4. I think all the colleges and uni's got sent the info and asked to come up with a 30 second E Sting! So we dutifully headed up to Cams and prepared ourselves for a gruelling night of filming. It didn't take long for things to get messy but I think we ended up with a pretty decent effort and we had a good laugh doing it. See our E4 Guilty Pleasures video below!

E4 Promo "Guilty Pleasures" from MOC Productions on Vimeo.

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