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Sarah J Stanley Opening @ Kilau

Sarah opened her new exhibition at Kilau on Sunday evening with 3 short ads for Product A. Kilau has become a big advert for the coveted object but after watching 3 adverts I'm still not sure what Product A is but you can see Ad 1 below and follow the links to Sarah's Vimeo page for Ads 2 & 3 to find out more about Product A!

AD1 from sarah j stanley on Vimeo.

Yarnbombing - Girl Guide Style!

As I gallantly made my way down Union Street I started to notice these strange little blue tags attached to bus shelters and anything they could hang from. After seeing a few I decided to have a proper look and found out that tags were put up by the fiercest band of dames in town, The Girl Guides

Do it in style they knitted these amazing little scarves and tied them onto the Albert Statue and all the wee Lion dogs that line up along Union Bridge but by the time I got a photo all but one had been removed! The ones higher up on the statues lasted a bit longer but the heavy weather will have no doubt ended their run!

It was pretty funny taking a few snaps as other folk walked past, some stopping to look at what I was photographing, that baffled look on their faces "Fits he dein?". If only they'd stopped for ten seconds and had a look they could have found out what it was all about but sadly most folks don't like things out of the ordinary, change is a sign of danger, &q…

Candy for the Eyes & Ears 5! Max Ricter!

Wen't to see the new Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island starring his long time collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was good, it keeps you guessing and as you would expect is beautifullly done but the thing that really stood out was the soundtrack!
From the first fog horn to the closing credits the music is perfect, conveying the mood of each chapter and emphasising the main characters inner turmoil as he falls further and further into the mad house. One tune in particular caught my attention though, Max Richter's "On the Nature of Daylight". I'd often heard friends speaking of his music but had yet to go and find anything for myself. After seeing the film I googled the title and went through the motions until I found what I was after.
Taken from his 2004 "The Blue Notebooks" album, Nature of Daylight at once brought out a sadness in me I'd had under control but combined with the moving imagery of Teddy dancing with his dead wife as she dissolves…

Let It Bleed Presents Simian Mobile Disco @ The Forum!

I have to admit I'd never heard any tunes by Simiam Mobile Disco. But when I did a search on youtube and found the video for Hustler (See below) I was suprised to find out it was by them and also that no one had ever sent me that video before. It's pretty hot, that's all I'm going to say.
Anyway spent most of the day inside, most of the only sunny day that been warm enough to go out in just a jumper, making up visuals for the evening. Time well spent as when Jas Shaw came on stage everyone knew he'd arrived since his name was on the screens behind the stage. I like the idea of being able to give some one an entrance, you pay your money to see someone but in these kind of gigs the supports and the headliners could swap over all night and no one would know the difference.

Along side the visuals I'd made especially that day I has a selection of dvd's and various video mash ups that I'd pre done, I think the bit where Godzilla appeared from the water synched …

Some Short Shorts! Im Here & Guilty Pleasures!

Next up is the new short film from Spike Jonze. I saw the trailer for it on tv but I thought it was advertising Absolut vodka? Turns out it kinda is. But that doesnt really factor too much into the film. Its called IM HERE and you can watch it online and get more info HERE!
Anyone who likes Spike's work will dig it, its a love story that takes a slightly different route as the two leads are actually robot's. In some parallel universe robots have become intergrated with human society and can do all the things we can, hold down steady employment mainly. They don't seem to have the other things which make life fun like music and doing stupid stuff just because you can. But then I guess there's people in real life who live like that.
But things change for the dashing lead robot when a fembot takes a liking too him and he decides to see what happens. I won't ruin the film but its pretty good. I like Jonze's style of film making whether its for music vidoes for proper …

Silver Mount Zion @ The Art School, Glasgow!

After a wonderfull trip down to Glasgow on the megabus (only an extra 3o minutes in road works) I made my way to Buchanon street to meet the wonderfull Mr Simpson. After getting a munch we headed up to the Glasgow School of Art for the Silver Mt Zion gig.

I havent heard the newest album, Kollaps Tradixionales but based on previous records and also main man Efrim being in God Speed You Black Emperor I expect it to be pretty good, although anyone expecting God Speed apocalytic dirges might feel a little cheated. Thats not to say that Silver Mt Zion dont totally kill it, they know who to rock and they know how to construct music that brings you down to uncomfortable places and in the blink of an eye brings you back up in one joyous song! The noise they create from the simple elements of drums, guitar, double bass & violin is truelly stunning.

You can check out some of their videos below, one being a live video for "God Bless Our Dead Marines" which was definately a highlight …

Fudge Film Feast-ival!

Thos busy Fudge boys are hosting their own short film festival and are taking submissions as we speak and will be hosting various events building up to the Final with varioous film nights beforehand to help whittle out the good from the bad but its ok if your ugly! Here's all the info from the horses mouth..... Four heats, forty films, one Final, one winner!

From March through to July, teamFUDGE and The Banshee Labyrinth will be putting on screenings of the best short-films we can get our hands on. The two best films on each night, judged by an expert panel, will then go through to the Final along with two 'audience choice' films.  The makers of the film judged to be the best on the night of the Final will win £100 cash and a wee throphy! And maybe other prizes, we'll see who donates what by then...!
The heats will take place on the first Wednesday of every month, the next one on 7th April at 8pm at The Banshee Labyrinth, Niddry Street, Edinburgh, £5 on the door.

Anyone …

DO IT! Part A & Part B!

So the first DO IT in Aberdeen of 2010 was a night of many firsts! First DO IT in The Tunnels, first skuffle at a DO IT (walking round with your hand down your pants is never a good look!), he has played with us before but as guest, were chuffed to add Dj Kid Bell as our second resident spinner and hope he enjoyed his first DO IT, first time Neil Henderson has taken snaps for us, first time I've pre recorded visuals and not had to run around like a headless chicken (But I did anyway), first time people have turned up with face paints (I wish!), first time weve given all our proceeds to Charity, first launch of the Aberdeen Sketch Book project by wee Gav Stewart and the first time we've had two VJ's on stage at the same time with individual projectors going.

Im not going to massage my own ego by saying how amazing it was because thats down to everyone, we put a lot of effort into our visuals both in print and in projection, the selection of music might be all over the pla…