Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem / DFA Records) @ Snafu 2009!

Pat Mahoney is better know as being the beat maker behind the incredible LCD Soundsystem but also co founder of one of the hottest labels on the planet, DFA Records. DFA have released pressings for LCD Soundsystem (obviously), Hot Chip, Black Dice and a hoard of other cool artists.

LCD Soundsystem in their own right hold a special place in my musical world after seeing the video's for Tribulations, Daft Punk Are Playing At My House and the amazing All My Friends, the last one especially so after a freind sent me a link to it while he was away in Canada finding out about life, it was nice to know he hadnt forgotten about us all.

So last June Let It Bleed asked me if I could do some visuals for Pat Mahoney. I can honestly say I'd never heard of him before but had heard of LCD. So a google search later and I was armed with all the info I needed for creating some disco appropriate visuals. I only had 4 small tvs infront of the decks to show stuff on but that was fine. Sadly I lost it all from a dodgy hard drive and didn't have a back up so I couldn't include any of it in the video below. Easy come, easy go!
Funky Transport opened the night with his cool vibes followed by original headliner The DJ QBurns who had my head bopping throughout his set, on his own he would have made for an excellent night! But when Pat took over the music went up a level, this was disco but forget your white suits & fancy dancing, this was deep & dirty disco, funky & soulfull, un comparable to what is classed as disco by the masses. He still plays vinyl which I found suprising, that was a full bag for sure. Pat has travelled the World playing his unique blend of disco to small club audiences and giant fields full of hip kids.

I had a camera set up through out the night but was filming more for fun than to actually make a video but decided to put something together, it doesn't show how the good the night was but hopefuly is a nice reminder for the folks who were getting down on the night. 

After the gig I met a lovely lady whos daughter had bought her a ticket as they were both LCD fans. She asked me about some of the sign language hands I had used in my visuals and then told me her daughter was deaf, I felt bad since I had sign language hands making swear words! But they were loving it, Pat even signed a poster for them and passed his email address so they could join him onstage next time LCD paly in Scotland as deaf people can feel the music better. This was unbelievable kind and shows the measure of Pat and his kindness.

We spent a good few hours speaking about life & death of all thing's and hes was so easy to talk to, this was very soon after losing Moose but he even told me of some of his own experiences and it was quite incredible. I guess it shows for all he's done and all that he's achieved he's still just a normal guy, but one with incredible talent. Have to say a massive thanks to Let It Bleed for letting me get involved with so many of his nights and for giving us that boost and also to Pat Mahoney for the tunes & the chats.

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