A Life I've Lost @ Kilau!

Well on a night of Haggis & Whisky for me there's was also Tim Courtney's exhibition opening. After a wee dram we fired up to Kilau to see what Tim had been working on. A mix of design, film & instalation it would be pretty hard to pin down what Tim does, probably easier to list the things he doesn't do.
His new body of work draws from his latest film project "An Artificial Light" with polaroids hung from the tree branches as well as the trailer for his new feature playing inside the main suitcase. There's also some bigger prints and sketches hung around the space as well as a very nice hand drawn fold out storyboard for the film.
Tim's work is real nice to look at and he's definately developed a great style from his films to his design work and also in his instalation. You can keep an eye on Tim's work through his Blog . Artificial or natural, I don't think it matters with talented chaps like Tim around to help set a high standard!

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