Jeans Team (Berlin) @ The Tunnels!

Well once again something interesting comes to Aberdeen but the masses fail to realise or maybe everyone was skint. Tunnels didn't do much to help as they double booked the venue so the planned Krack after party failed to materialise.

Anyway, all the way from the uber capital of Europe (Berlin), Jeans Team took to the stage, armed with drum pads, synths and some sweet hair do's! They gained some recognition after their track "Keine Melodien" was used in the Radio Soulwax - Too Many DJ's album! The duo produce quite fun Euro dance with some classic German lyrics and exude a chic Euro cool, even when they dance like mr motivator on speed, cool!

One of my favourite parts was the "Love Song" which kicked in with a banging techno beat, angry love songs are the best. The guys had also brough their own VJ with them who had some cool stuff, one song in particular worked really well with exploding fire works in the background, timed to the hitting of a symbol. All in all they were pretty cool guys who made some pretty cool music, hopefuly we can get more people to come down and enjoy Euro boy fun pop! Oberster Gig, oberste Jungen! 

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