Its A Blitz! @ Limousine Bull!

Today was the last chance to see some very old and rare photographs of Aberdeen after the blitz raids of WW2. The photographs were on display over at the Limousine Bull space in Torry.
All the photographs showed damage from the air raids in different areas of Aberdeen with a modern day picture below for a comparison. My favourite thing was a picture of a house on Westburn Road, the garden had been blown to shit but the house, the big Granite kind was fine yet all the cheap houses in the less well to do areas got bombed to shit, total destruction! Mental.
They also had replica papers from the time, a German map of Aberdeen and also a colletion of WW2 artifacts in the middle of the space. I tried to get my dad to crank up the air raid siren, it was an original one from the war where you have to crank the handle to make it work, would have loved to see the old folks faces when it suddenly goes off but alas, we didn't.
I was speaking with a friend last night who told me a very interesting thing, I don't know how true it is but apparently Hitler loved the Marischal college so much that he purposely told the bombers to avoid that area of the city as he planned to use it as Nazi Party HQ when they finally invaded the UK! It's great to see some of Aberdeen history on display for all to see.

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