I ♥ UTG Party @ Cellar 35!

We decided it was about time we did something to help raise awareness and also to recognise all the hard work that everyone has put into the I ♥ UTG Campaign to save Union Terrace Gardens.

The event was called "Owner Of A Lonely Heart", quite appropriate since we would be partying into Valentines Day and also the brilliant I ♥ UTG designs that local artists have been coming up with. I made up a dvd with all the hearts to be played throughout the evening, music was going to be provided by my dj collaborator Bad Panda but sadly he got ill the day before. Thankfully Corralo of Estaminet fame stepped in last minute to save everyone from my 4 hour long MoC Mixtape. And he killed it!

We made it a free event but only got organised at the start of the week but it was just a chance for friends to hang out and party. We had a selection of brochure's on hand for people to read through with some information about the Peacocks Art Centre and also the City Square Project. We thought most people who would be coming down would be well aware of whats been going on, what the facts are and what is the right thing to do. If you would like more information then try the Compare The Square site HERE!

Would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who came down to party, all the beautiful ladies, Katie & Fraser for all their hard work (what will you both do when this is done?), Ewan for bringing down leaflets, Ben for helping with the visuals, Patty for helping spread the word, Dave, Becky and all the staff at Cellar 35, Union Terrace Gardens for existing and finally to Corralo for coming out of retirement and playing at the event. I ♥ UTG!!!

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