Friday Part 1 - Exquisite Corpse Publishing House Liquidation Paty!

Friday night turned into one of those evenings where you wanted to do everything that was going and managed to do it with out missing too much aswell. The evening began with a stroll down to Proejct Slogan for the final day / opening of the Exquisite Corpse Publishiing House group show.

The group of students currently occupying the gallery have been running daily drop in events with the emphasis on screen printing but not exclusively. I was extremely suprised to find myself sitting alone on the first day drawing, something I haven't done in a long time! But the atmosphere was right and I had just enough brain farts to come up with a few things I liked. Also the guys were really nice and eager to share ideas and techniques, giving me a great insight into the screen printing process and also giving me some inspiration. A shame some of their peers couldnt take the same away from it but thats the old apathy for you!

Anyway the main wall had changed and morphed quite a bit since my last visit to the gallery and had really come into its own, the mixture of print types and styles made for a real ecclectic wall. It was real nice to look up and see some of my work made the grade but also some prints by my other friends such as Lee's (Entrails Zine) Shit Ticket. Genius! The Exquisite Corpse in the window had also finally come to fruition with its weird saggy Gorrila tit body, lobster arms and I don't even know what to call the head!

A good crew seemed to be chatting it up in the space and enjoying the fruits of others labours, the hand made zine with examples of some prints inside (as modeled by Katie below) was a great idea, a nice way to document the daily events and also a great one of piece that can hopefuly push on the ideas behind this show. It may be an Exquisite Corpse but there's a lot of life in this old beast yet!

All hail Alex!

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