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Friday Part 1 - Exquisite Corpse Publishing House Liquidation Paty!

Friday night turned into one of those evenings where you wanted to do everything that was going and managed to do it with out missing too much aswell. The evening began with a stroll down to Proejct Slogan for the final day / opening of the Exquisite Corpse Publishiing House group show.

The group of students currently occupying the gallery have been running daily drop in events with the emphasis on screen printing but not exclusively. I was extremely suprised to find myself sitting alone on the first day drawing, something I haven't done in a long time! But the atmosphere was right and I had just enough brain farts to come up with a few things I liked. Also the guys were really nice and eager to share ideas and techniques, giving me a great insight into the screen printing process and also giving me some inspiration. A shame some of their peers couldnt take the same away from it but thats the old apathy for you!

Anyway the main wall had changed and morphed quite a bit since my last …

A-Deen Skate Video by Simie!

Thursday saw the long awaited premiere of local skate lad Simie Simpsons A-Deen film. Being quite an out of the way city, relatively small and lacking any kind of real skate parks for many years Aberdeen and its surrounding area has produced some truelly awesome skaters! The Morgan twins, wee Gav, Callum Barrack to name a few as well as all the younger guys coming through who live and breathe on a bit of wood with four wheels.

Filming over a period of two years its taken a while for Simie to get his shit together but hes managed to produce a great insight into the current state of Aberdeen's skateboard scene of the younger generation, there was no Sam or Wilky, or Andy or Willie, some of the first boys I met when I started hitting the ledges at Broad street in my oversized jeans and my hand me down trainers. But there's nothing wrong with that, as you get older and work more and skate less it doesnt really matter as its something that always stays with you. Its something you do…

I ♥ UTG Video by MoC!

This is my way of showing some support for the Union Terrace Gardens issue. A sunny, cold Saturday morning with a sligh hang over, what better way to spend the morning than walking around Union Terrace Gardens.
It was amazing to see the amount of people who actually walked through the gardens, even on such a cold day. All the people who feature in the video were random members of the public and the family at the end were happy for me to film them. Hopefully it gives people an idea of what UTG is like, what we stand to lose if the City Square Project goes ahead and also what we stand to gain if the Peacocks Art Centre goes ahead.

100 Days of Celebrity by Jamie Donald!

Jamie Donald is a local painter & Grays School of Art graduate. I've recently found myself moving in the same circles as Jamie, usually at parties where neon face paint is essential and almost anything goes!

I was quite suprised to find out Jamie was a Grays student and that I had seen his work first hand in Kilau, in fact we'd spent quite a bit of time musing over whether the numbers were supposed to be left on Lindsey Lohan's face or if someone had done it themselves.

Anyway as a means of getting his skills up to standard again Jamie has started a new blog, 100 Days of Celebrity where he is posting up sketches of celebrites from that weeks tashy magazines. It's interesting to see how much Katie Price dominated the covers but now its poor Cheyrl Cole's turn. It's such a strange topic to choose for a project but as you can see from these sketches it also makes for perfect practice. The big question is, will Katie & her man still be married by the time J…

Another Day, Another Corpse!

Having arranged and participated in a number of events at Project Slogan I know first hand how difficult it can be to get people down to support creative ventures, whether it be film, painting, sculpture or the current hands on have a go Exquisite Corpse Publishing House show. But regardless I think you have to be covering all the bases with posters, flyers, online listings and events pages to help get people interested in joining in.

I know on a cold, icy night its easier to stay at home with a bottle of rose and a good film but sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. I decided to try and help the current curators by setting up some animated projections to add something to their Friday night. I also brought some friend's down, some creative some not. Big G especially supports the creative scene without really being involved but he can throw down some mean shadow bunnies!

I was pretty chuffed when I got to make my first screen (yet to make a print, hopefuly later today)…