Shredding the G.A.N.R.

I've quite recently started snowboarding, its one of these thing's I always said I would try and never did until I found myself up a mountain in France in the middle of June with snow on the ground and a board in hand. I've skated (not very well) for nearly ten years but I can't say its helped too much with learning to snowboard but I don't think that really matters.

To be honest riding down a mountain is fun but I much prefer the idea being somewhere totally remote like Aviemore, with a good group of friends and nothing to hold us back. You can find amazing wee spots to ride all over the place, we didn't bother going up the hill on Monday as the car park was full! You make your own fun just like with skating, people don't see them as creative sports but I do, I think having the imagination to look at something, imagine doing a jib or a grind or whatever on it and then doing it is incredibaly creative. It might be short lived but I think I'd settle for that over eternal fame anyday.

Anyway its helped get me back behind the lens and think I've managed to get some nice shots, really enjoying portraits of friends with blurred backgrounds, the first 3 below are a bit of "Can you guess what it is yet?" but it's moments like those which make life fun and make life worth living, even if it is short lived. This is what the GANR is and friendship is what it stands for.

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