Peacock Visual Arts open to ideas for compromise?

Launch Tue 19 Jan: WHAT IF?
Exploring ideas for Union Terrace Gardens and the Denburn Valley

Date: 19 January
Time: 6-8pm
Location: PVA

Peacock has had its designs for a new £13m art centre in the Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens ready for almost two years. Full planning permission has been granted and 75% of the funding is in place. ACSEF is currently holding a public consultation on their idea to replace the gardens with a City Square, costing up to £140m, with £50m of funding in place so far.

What if ACSEF’s idea and Peacock’s design could co-exist? What if all resources were pulled together? Aberdeen could evolve without losing its heritage.
Come and see for yourself how various options of co-existence are explored, with respect to the historic gardens and Aberdeen's natural valley.

A series of talks and events will run throughout the exhibition. Details to follow.

Glad to see that both sides are willing to look at compromises with regards to UTG, still don't think people understand that the PVA idea has had a lot of time and money put into it, thats why it can't be relegated to being a square box with in the new City Square dungeon. A world class award winning design is only beffiting of a world class arts centre, which I only hope it will be but then is it not up to us to help shape such things? I think it is.

P.S. Notice how this is a public event and is open for everyone to attend, those against and those for the City Square project, thats just how it should be, fair is fair and you can't argue with that.