Grays 3rd Year P.E.M. Group show @ The Academy!

A new year and a new PeM show at the Academy. This time 3rd Year PeM (Photographic & Electronic Media) students got a chance to have their own group show to help them gain experience of gallery shows and all the complications which go with it.

The PeM folks usually put together a nice we promo booklet with a spiel from each of the students about themselves or their ideas behind their work. You can see an online version HERE! I did my Hn/D in photography back int the days before digital took over so I always enjoy seeing the influence its had on new students and their work. 

The opening was certainly well attended, I didn't quite get a proper look at all the work on display, I was suprised by a few that I did see, a selection of photos that were badly exposed and printed, perhaps this was the artist intention but it didn't really do anything for me. An Erasmus student produced a great set of photos from around Aberdeen, showing the greyness of our city with grey skies, a very interesting take on Aberdeen, the Granite City. I think my favourite piece was a 3-D lightbox, the differet elements of the photograph were sepperated into layers and arranged with in the light box to create a sense of depth, simple but really cool.

Its great to see artists getting the chance to exhibit in such a great space and hopefuly their ideas and work will develop over the next few years. Watch this space!

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