Glasgow Film Festival 2010

Glasgow is currently seen as a creative mecca in Scotland, maybe even more so than Edinburgh. Musically they attract more good acts and as a city I feel more at home wandering the streets of Glasgow, it has its nice parts and it has its scumholes as every city should.

I'm quite impressed with the line uo for this years Glasgow Film Festival (GFF). An annual event thats run for some years now, it never fails to deliver on top cutting edge films & shorts, retrospectives of cinemas great pioneers and it combines the music side of things perfectly with live improv performances & rescoring of major motion soundtracks. When I was helping with the Aberdeen City & Shire Film Festival I knew it wouldn't compare to the GFF but it certainly sets a good template to draw from for future events.

Anyway back to the GFF, this year hosts some truelly wonderful events. First up you have "BURNING" a live film of MOGWAI playing over 3 nights in a Brooklyn and expertly cut and mashed up by Vincent Moon, the man responsible for La Blogotheque, one of the best video blog site's ever. If you've ever seen the video of Grizzly Bear walking around the streets of Brooklyn singing the Knife acapella, mr Moon is the man responsible. The wealth of artists hes worked with is un real and the intimacy and beauty of his live videos are truelly stunning so I'm expecting good things from this, and Mogwai will be Djing after the film as well.

Also of note on the roster is Thomas Truax performing songs from films by David Lynch, truax uses all manner of strange home made instruments to perform so combined with the Lynch music it should be pretty awesome. Also on the music /film line up you have Zombie Zombie re mashing the works of director / composer John Carpener, responsible for such horror classics The Thing, The Fog, Halloween & Escape from Precinct 13, all the original horror stuff. Combined with some mad horror visual mash up, I think this is one festival not to be missed.

For more info on listings for events check the Glasgow Film Festival HERE!

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