So_Whyte @ Beautiful Mountain!

Siobhan Ogg is a local lass who draws lovely pictures of small birds, mountains, trees, horned animals and also happens to design the posters for DO IT! She's currently studying at Grays School of Art and is getting ready for her 4th Year in Graphic Design. You can purchase Giclée prints, hand made cards and original paintings. Her work is familiar in subject matter but unique enough to hold its own on the lovely green walls in Beautiful Mountain Cafe.

Showing his work for the first time along side Sio is Thom Whyte. A recent graduate of the art school in an altogether different area, Thom is showcasing his photographic skills along side Sio's illustration based work. Thom's work seems to be concentrated on snow scenes & tree's which compliment Sio's work nicely. I was impressed with Thom's selecion of prints, one particular snow scene looks so grainy I would have sworn it was a 35mm print as apposed to a digital print, but this doesn't take anything away from the creepy snowscape, this one in particular makes me think of the Shining, something sinister just slightly out of shot on the billowing snow drift ahead! 

The show is on right now at Beautiful Mountain where you can buy the framed prints & pictures but may also be able to secure extra prints if the piece you wan't is sold, that's the good thing about design pieces and the lower production costs, I think it's really good to offer quality work at good prices without being to precious but also maintaining a high standard end print. See more of Sio's work HERE!

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