Mr Scruff @ Warehouse!

Went down to see Mr Scruff at Warehouse on Saturday night. Someone had told me he'd been sent photos of Windmill Brae and a few other locations in Aberdeen and he was drawing them in his distinctive style to put on the poster. AMAZING!

I remember hear the Shanty song for the first time from my brother, for once in my life I knew what it must be like in his warped mind from that time, sitting on his bed in hysterics singing "There's a whale, there's a whale, there's a whale".

When we finally made it down we walked in to hear some sweet funky sounds pumping out the sound system and some local B-Boys throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Still feeling relatively sober I wasn't quite ready to face that kind of dance floor so I hit the bar instead. I didn't realise he liked to play these epic 7 hour sets but he only had 4 hours to fill in Moshulu and gradually bulding up the pace as the night went on getting heavier as time slipped past.

It wasn't until after a shot of tequila and a jaggerbomb I felt ready to hit the dance floor which by this point was pretty rammed but we started to shake and didn't really stop for the rest of the night. Steve at Warehouse had told me he had his own visual set up and I really wanted to see what he would do but it was pretty mellow compared to my make your brain melt approach but I soon realised that the pace and style of his visuals were perfect and really added something to his set. the bit where the word Torry came up on screen was pretty cool along with Schoolhill & Union Square, haha. but definately in my top 5 gigs this year and if you get a chance defiantely go and see him, mixing salsa tunes with his signature Keep Moving, classic!

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