A Sad Day

Sadly Bob Fitzgerald passed away last week. Bob was Klaus dad, after losing Nicky Bob would invite me to go for drinks with him just to check in and he was always very interested in any creative ventures I was involved in. Word's and pictures will never do justice to these incredibaly special people we've lost over the last 3 years and nothing can take away the pain and anguish that close friends & family must be feeling at this time.
I do believe that if all the friends who have passed on could look down and see everyone today i'm sure they'd see how brightly we all shine and will keep shining in no small way because of them and their influence on our lives. To lose a friend, a brother, a sister, a mother or a father is a terrible thing to experience, something which will stay with you forever, some say it gets easier with time, some say the pain never goes away but regardless I will always cherish the times and experiences I was fortunate enough to have with my friends and for all the pain in the world wouldnt change a single minute of it.
I hope friends are strong today and I hope to see everyone one day, on the other side.
For everyone x x x

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