HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - DJ Medhi & DJ Amba, M.o.C. & B.E.N.

So that time of year came round again and Let It Bleed had something very special planned with French DJ / Producer Medhi secured to play at the Forum. Its a massive venue and was given the task of providing some visuals. So I got to work ripping up different horror films and adding some of my own magic.
DJ Amba started the night with a good mix of electro with Medhi taking over at 1 when the venue was near capacity and people were dancing like a zombie nation. Some of the costumes were amazing, a lot of Lego men and morphsuits, my favourite from the night would have to be Daft Punk & Spongebob cock nose. Medhi was suprised to see what an amazing effort everyone had made and was sad he didn't have a costume but he rocked it anyway, finishing with Raspberry Beret was genius and a great night was had by all.
Don't think many people noticed the visuals but I know and they were banging! Thanks to Slavador Dali for taking pics, Ben for being a bro and Let It Bleed for organising such a great night!

B.E.N. holding it down
800 capacity venue, 3 projectors, 5 tvs & a big sound system!
Uber AV holding down the visuals
Darius freaking me out
Even zombies need a pint now and then
DJ Amba
Alice in fucking scary land!
Cat & Sio, woop woop
Craig, king of the Lego Men
Patty after a nice sick up, legend
Sio & C C so scary
So many bobbies hanging out
Harvey Dent looking good
DJ Medhi killin it
Sponge Bob having a tug
Callum looking pretty fly
Katie looking like a rabid badger
Fraser looking strong
One half of Daft Spunk
Anna banana looking like a ghoul
All photos by Slavador Dali, cheers min!

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